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5 Tips For Improving Your Company’s Productivity

Your company will never meet your dream profit margin if you don’t take steps right now to improve productivity. Here are some tips to improve the overall productivity of your company:

1. Get the Right Digital Tools

First of all, you need the right digital tools like web based ERP to make working easier, faster and more convenient. Do not stick to an archaic method if there’s a digital tool that can automate it for you. Do not forget to invest in cloud servers and other similar tools that will make work life so much easier for your employees and you as well. If a task takes time, there’s probably a digital tool to make it take less time. Find out what it is and invest without hesitation.

2. Break Down Large Tasks

There’s little point in burdening one or two employees with giant tasks. First of all, if you have a big project, you will have to break it down into smaller tasks, and then assign these small tasks to employees. You will also need to make sure that there is an overseer to incorporate all these small tasks in to the large project. Never let an employee take on a massive project without a plan like this.

3. Digitize Customer Service

You probably offer customer service at your company. If you already don’t, you really should. When you offer customer service, it’s best to first let the customers email or inquire online, rather than to have them call. If you offer customer service by phone, you will need a separate team dedicated just for it. When customers call, they waste a lot of valuable time. You can have the problem solved in a much shorter time period if you simply digitize customer service like you did with ERP program. Afterwards, if there’s a need, you can choose to call a customer.

4. Appoint Leaders

Teams function best if there’s a hierarchy of responsibility. If you allow your teams to collaborate as they will, they will simply miss deadlines and blame each other for things not getting done on time. Therefore, appoint a team leader to supervise everyone and make sure deadlines are met. When responsibility is clearly indicated this way, the machine works well.

5. Ban Short Meetings

Nothing wastes more time at work than short, meaningless meetings. Ban these and force employees to communicate by email or messaging apps instead. Talking simply wastes time.

It’s not easy to make a company super productive overnight. However, gradually adopting the above suggestions will help your company to achieve your productivity and revenue goals.