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A Short Guide To Moving With Less Expense

Moving houses is rather stressful for anyone, even more so when trying to do things in a financially friendly way. Start making plans as soon as you can. You will have to keep track of your expenses and decide on how you are going to transport your belongings and electronic items. This is a very exhausting time for you and whoever will be moving with you, so even while making checklists leave room for some flexibility.
Start Packing
First make a rough estimate on how much of packing material you will need. Things like markers, plenty of tape, boxes, bubble wrap and packing paper. You can even use old newspapers or papers from old magazines to wrap some ornaments and glassware. Some breakable items can be packed with linen and clothing too. The old cardboard boxes that have not been thrown out will come in handy now, ask your friends and neighbors whether they have any boxes in decent shape too. This is the best time to get rid of clutter that is weighing you down by donating items to charity or having a yard sale.

Dealing with Furniture and Getting Organised
Keep track of the items you have packed and what you have to do by making checklists which are very useful. Label everything from boxes to containers as this will make it easier to find things at your new home and label ‘fragile’ on delicate items to avoid mishaps. When you are on a budget movers can be hired only to move furniture and utilities that you cannot move by yourself, the rest can be done by you and friends or family who are willing to help. Moving large, heavy furniture is no easy feat so disassemble what you can and keep the instructions on how to re-assemble them too.
Transport and Delivery
Hiring a truck from a friend will help you cut some costs or look into budget movers who rent out trucks. Pick the size of the truck wisely. It is better to move as much as you can in one go without going back and forth, since you can cut petrol costs here. Pack your belongings in a practical way so that everything will not be flying around when the truck starts moving, for example do not place boxes marked ‘fragile’ on a high place. Tie down large furniture where necessary and cover anything that can get scratched.
Changing Addresses, Safe Moving and Cleaning Up
Do not forget to change your mail delivery address for bills and phone connections, this needs to be done before you move. Inform your bank about the change as well so that you can receive your bank statements. Once you move into your new place, cleaning and getting organizing is another tiring task. Pack your cleaning supplies separately so that you can start quickly or buy new supplies from cheaper stores just for now. Last of all, be conscious of maintaining correct posture while moving heavy objects, staying hydrated and not over straining yourself.