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All Work And No Play

For most young people today, the school system is too much of pressure and they struggle to get through. The current school system I most countries is a system where the end goal is to pass their exams and nothing beyond that. In other words, children are taught a host of information that they are expected to study by heart under strong pressure from society and will have no need for most of that information after their exams are over. The sad thing about this system is that it doesn’t wait for any child. It is a general programme that goes at a set pace and leaves behind anyone who is unable to keep up with the pace. The school syllabus in most countries has been compared to teaching a host of various animals, cats, dogs, snails, monkeys, fish and elephants how to climb a tree and judging their ability to do so in an examination. The truth is, the school system bores many young children while it also leaves many young children behind.
 After school classes
As a result of this flawed system, in an effort to pass all their exams and get a good job in the future, many young children are forced to return after school and attend numerous extra classes such as o level math tuition in Singapore, science tuition, English language tuition for those whose second language is English and a host of other extra classes.
This means that after having spent six to seven hours studying hard in school, the system forces young people to then go for another few hours of o level math tuition after which they have to return home and complete all of the home work they have been given in the day.
Alternative methods that schools can use
Instead of forcing children to study the same subjects from grade one until they leave school, schools could instead opt to teach children various subjects and let children switch classes based on their ability to learn a particular subject. In other words, instead of the whole class studying the same level of each subject based on their age, children could study level one math and level five English or level five math and level two science based on their own abilities and interests, allowing them to excel at what they are good at and allowing them to go at their own pace at subjects they do not intend to pursue in adult life. Therefore a child who is brilliant at English and intends to have a career in writing can choose to excel in English and literature while choosing to go at their own pace in math or science.