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Canine Breeds That Do Not Need High Maintenance

Canines or any animal needs to be maintained. Would you be happy if you cannot shower, cut your hair or nails and maintain personal hygiene overall? The same goes for animals too. Canines in addition to needing emotional support, also require a lot of physical maintenance. One of the most important things that you need to consider when adopting a canine is to know if you can afford the level of maintenance that they require. Some high maintenance breeds will cost you a lot of capital, time and energy which you might not be able to keep up with all the way. Here are some of the breeds that only require low maintenance.

Chihuahua with short hair

These tiny and feisty fur devils require very little pet grooming Bedok Singapore. You do not need to put too much time in to check their ears as well because they are pricked up and even if you do adopt a Chihuahua with long hair, their tiny size means that maintenance takes very little time in general.

Australian Cattle breed

This breed is hearty and healthy. They have a nice short coat of fur that only needs regular brushing and washing. Nails, teeth, ears and general maintenance can be handled by a professional dog groomer once in a while. This breed of canines will not need vets most of the time.

Labrador retriever

Known for their amiable personality and kind nature, labs are a firm favourite with many people. They too, need almost no maintenance save for their ears which need to be checked in order to keep infections away. They are easy to look after, be around and they will even give the vet a sloppy lick or two!

Daschund with a smooth coat

Also known as Doxie, this breed requires little to no maintenance. They are friendly and also quite funny (in a really great way) that will give you all the chance to have a laugh. They will need a few visits to vet as they get older because they are prone to back issues due to the length of their bodies, but apart from that this breed is a great hit with anybody looking for low maintenance canines.

Russell terrier

These little fellows are just great to have around. If you own one with a smooth coat you will only need to bathe them and brush them once in a while. If you do adopt one with a rough or broken coat, you will need to strip them which will then take a lot of time. If not, this a fun, loving and easy to handle canine breed that is also generally really healthy.