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Capturing The Memories Of Your New Bundle Of Joy

Your babies first year on earth is the year in which your baby will make the most amount of progress and will grow the most. Babies grow very rapidly in their first year and therefore it in important to get many pictures as you will be guaranteed to miss those days with your baby as they grow up.

Professional pictures

In the past, the only option available to parents was to have a newborn photographer come in and do a professional baby shoot for them however, today with the advancement of technology, you will be able to take a picture every day if you please from your camera phone, thereby capturing hundreds of precious memories.

However, the quality of the pictures taken by a newborn photographer will be very different from those that you manage to take with your phone and if financially viable, it would be a great idea to have a professional come in and capture a few memories for you every few months until your baby’s first birthday. The difference in quality in the pictures will be because the professional photographer knows of different methods and techniques to capture the perfect picture and will also have a lot of professional equipment to control the light that you will not have.

A picture a day

One of the cutest ideas that parents are trying today is to have a picture a day scrapbook where they can record their babies’ growth daily by taking one picture every day for the scrap book. You can choose to do this either in a hard format or by doing it on your computer in a soft copy of a scrap book you can later put on to a CD.

Social media and baby picture

One of the more alarming trends today is that parents tend to take pictures of babies and put it up online for the world to see. While capturing pictures of your baby is always a good thing, it is important to keep it private and for your family alone as putting up pictures online can put your baby’s life in danger. The truth is, most parents document their baby’s growth publicly with names and other personal details eventually leading to their first day at school with the name of the school and therefore disclosing the location of your baby to the whole world. It is understandable that parents are excited and proud of their babies but it is important that they are vigilant and aware of the dangers involved.