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Giving Your Man A Make Over

Although stereotyping is not a good thing, the truth is that most women spend a lot of time trying to make themselves look good and men tend to let themselves go. Although admittedly, there are many women who do not care too much about femininity and looks while there are men who spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, the latter is fairly uncommon. Therefore you might want to consider giving your mana makeover just for the sake of some entertainment by buying him some new clothes and sponsoring a fancy haircut for him. Of course, it is important for you to assure him that this is just a fun experiment that you are doing for your own entertainment and not in any way reflective of your feelings for him. The reason for this is that your actions may come across as trying to change the person that he is because you do not think he is good enough. It is important that you speak to him and convince him that this is not the case and that you have his full consent before going ahead with your project.

Get him to enjoy the project

The first thing you will need to do is to make sure he is enjoying the project as much as you are. You could take him to a salon for a massage and grooming to begin with where you can then have him have a haircut that is hip and funky. You could get him involved by giving him a few of your favourite designs and have him choose. Of course, in order to stay focused, you will need to decide what style or look you are going for. The style you are going for will determine not only the clothes you buy for him but the hair cut he has.

The look

If you are going for a stylish classy look, you could get him a nice neat hair do and have him clean shaven. Alternatively, you could have him have a nice neat goatee or beard. For his clothing, you could choose from either a polo shirt or a tuxedo that will give him a very classy look.

You can even choose to have a slightly less dressy suit by having him wear a coat with his new dress clothes for men, there by combining the two looks for a classy, elegant yet dressed down look similar to Steve Job’s style.

Facial cleansing

If you thought facial cleansing was only for women, think again. In fact, women usually have far more cleansed faces than men because men tend to have oilier skin. You will notice that most men have e a lot of blackheads on their skin that often go unnoticed because of the hair growth on their faces and therefore having a facial cleanse done on your partner will be a great idea.