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How To Plan The Best Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Ever

A sweet sixteen birthday party is something that really symbolizes the rite of passage of a young girl into adulthood in many cultures across the world. In certain regions the event is a very formal affair that is held with the express intention of introducing the young girl into a new chapter of maturity in her life. In some parts of the world it is also known as a coming out celebration. Planning a sweet sixteen party is not something that should be taken lightly and it is also one that really needs to be taken under with a lot of responsibility especially because it will be a monumental day for the girl herself. Therefore, here are some tips to help you get the sweet sixteen party kick started well.

Start pre-planning at least two or three months before

Here are some things that you need to start working on at least two or three months before the party. First of all you need to decide on a date. It does not have to fall exactly on the birthday of the girl. However you must plan this early so you can void holidays and let people know early so that they are able to attend. Next pick the location that you think suits the function the most. You will have to reserve the area in advance so do not leave this for the last minute. Besides you also need to find as spot that is alright with your budget. You also need to book other services such as a  perfect photo booth in Singapore for the day in advance so do not wait till the day before to start placing your orders and bookings.  Start picking your invitation designs and have them printed out as early as possible.

Plan the party at least two to eight weeks beforehand

This is where you will need to start with planning out all the other details of the party like the theme that you want to follow. You might want to ask the birthday girl herself though because she might have some ideas that she wants to try out and it’s best to have her input too. Bring in a videographer as well so that you can record the whole thing and enjoy it in the years to come. Look at the menu that you want to serve and also think about what kind of entertainment you would like to have available at the party. Usually there are also party favours that are handed out. Look at something chic and stylish that all girls would love to have as well.


One thing you really need to look into is safety and make sure that you get the feedback of other parents as well on this. This is to ensure that nothing will backfire and that you have the approval of other adults whose kids will be attending the function.