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Life Through A Lens

All of us have our own ways of escaping from our busy, hectic lives, our own form of recreation. Photography can be considered one such means of recreation and relaxation. Not only it gives peace of mind but photography is also known to be one of the most popular career choices nowadays. It is an industry which draws a ridiculous amount of profits owing to this popularity. Photography is not merely a hobby but one requires skills to flourish as a photographer.

Forms of photography

Although most of us are only familiar with selfies, family portraits and taking pictures of our pets someone with a fair understanding of photography may categorize photography into several different genres. A few examples would be wildlife photography, travel photography, wedding photography, landscape photography, fashion photography, nature photography etc. This shows that photography a limitless form of art! Each one of these genres gives a different experience to those who are involved in it which is why many prefer doing it as a hobby. Not only it gives you incredible memories, it also takes you to different places that you may have never planned to visit.

Required equipment

The notion that owning a high tech camera is the key to becoming a successful photographer is a myth. It is true to a certain extent that a photographer’s gear defines him but the camera cannot do the work of a photographer on its own. A photographer should always be equipped with flashes, lenses, tripod legs, extra batteries and even portable backdrop if necessary. Depending on the type of photography the photographer must be prepared.

Capturing slices of life

What exactly does a photographer do? Why does the profession exist? Photographing a moment is our way of saying that it’s a moment worth reliving. Why do we prefer candid photographs than the ones we take posing in a portable backdrop? Because candid photographs tell more stories than an artificially created picture where everybody is posing in an attractive background.

Successful industry?

Photography is without doubt one of the most successful industries in the modern world, especially wedding photography. Photographers of other genres are also highly dignified but wedding photographers are at the top level when it comes to profit. Wedding is a commercialized form of photography when compared with other genres such as nature photography and landscape photography. Even though it may seem easy to hold a camera in your hand and wait for the best moment to click it, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. It partly depends on talents as well as ones knowledge of the field.