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Steps To Become A Diplomat

Have you been dreaming of a job with a lot of travelling, meeting popular and high ranking individuals and dignitaries from around the world, a good pay and a lot of exposure and various other benefits that other professionals do not have access to? The diplomatic service will be the ideal option for you. The required qualifications and eligibility requirements are quite the same in every country and if you are looking for a long term career path with clear set plan here are a few things that will help you on laying the perfect foundation.

Find out about the diplomatic service

The first thing is to explore the requirements to become a diplomat in your country. First, contact the government office that handles international relations and do the recruitments for the diplomatic service. (e.g. – Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Get to know the required educational qualifications and professional studies that need to be fulfilled. Most of the time the proficiency in a foreign language is given preference therefore be motivated to learn Chinese, French Spanish or one of the most commonly used languages of the world. Inquire if there is an age limit to join the Foreign Service.

Personal qualifications

Diplomats should have the ability to work in foreign countries and should be used to frequent travelling. Therefore medical check-ups are performed to see how medically fit you are. Prepare yourself in advance for such tests. Also background checks are done by the government to see if you have any criminal records or engaged in drug abuse. Make sure you are free of such charges. Also you must possess an ability to speak and negotiate in a manner that does not provoke or frustrate anyone. Should be a good in conflict resolution and should be able to defend your country’s policies although you do not entirely agree with them.

Formal qualifications

The next step is to equip yourself with necessary formal educational qualifications that will give you the winning edge in any selecting criteria. Having a basic degree and a diploma/advanced certificate course/bachelor’s degree in International Relations or International Trade or Conflict Resolution will be ideal for you. As mentioned before, learn Chinese, French, Spanish or Japanese or any other widely spoken language across the world to be more competent as a diplomat.

Final touches

Finally, all you got to do is to register at the Foreign Affairs Office in your country and pass the written and oral examinations conducted by them. Exams may vary depending on the country. Do a temporary internship in a UN office or a foreign affairs office to get an idea of the diplomatic work and constantly read and be in touch with the current world affairs, politics and history to face the interviews well.