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The Use Of Illustrator On Your Future

If you are contemplating learning Adobe suites, and especially Illustrator, here are some reasons to incite you even more. Illustrator is different from Photoshop, and although the tools are similar, the work methods are different. While Photoshop can edit pretty much anything that goes on its canvas, Illustrator is pickier. But the vector images in Illustrator can be edited into great detail and specifications than in Photoshop.

Drawing logos

If you want to work as a graphic artist for a company and work on your creative brand design, then Illustrator is the way to go. You can fiddle with the logos and create them and adjust them to the exact ways that the customers and your boss want without much hassle. Although the huge amount of detail that goes into one piece of art can be overwhelming sometimes, it pays off to spend all that time on it.

Drawing through Illustrator

The limitless horizons of Illustrator only have boundaries where your own inner artist’s boundaries are. You can go crazy with your graphics and artistic logo layout and impress. You can even draw in Illustrator with a tablet specifically created for artwork (like Bamboo). This will make it easier for you to get your ideas straight into the software without having to do it one line at a time with the mouse. With illustrator you can get the shading done and all the smoothing of the work. As you can detail out things easily when using your own hands, this fusion of artwork and computer automated work is a great mesh of ideas.

Starting up your own cartoon series

If you have time in your hands, and want to make use of your story ideas, then turn them into cartoons. You can do 2D cartoons and 3D cartoons. The nice thing about Illustrator is how you can add shadows manually as well. You can adjust the sizing as the way you want and make sure that the sun and the shadow that comes with the light does not overextend to stop short. When it comes to a cartoon, each and every character will have their own distinctive look. And you can add and edit these tiny details as much as you wish with Illustrator. Illustrator also comes built in with different swatches of colors and patterns that you can define the characters with.

Make sure to have your portfolio updated with your work regularly and keep up with the trends that are going on. You can create and amend logos, graphics, icons, posters, pamphlets, contacts cards and a plethora of other things through illustrator.