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Throwing A Twenty First Birthday Party

If you are turning twenty one, you must be very excited and you might want to celebrate the occasion. However on closer inspection, you are likely to notice that the prices of everything related to parties are very high and this might dampen your spirits but you do not have to worry too much. You can still throw a nice party for close friends without having to spend a lot of money if you stay away from the commercialized party shops and the party planners. The sad thing is that parties have become a big business and they have become a big money maker for many businesses because parents of children compete with each other to see who can throw the biggest party and even if a parent cannot really afford to throw an expensive party, they will be likely to try because they do not want to look bad in front of their children’s classmates parents. For this reason, party planners charge very high rates for everything involved with parties even when those things do not really cost that much money at all.

Do it yourself

The key to having a party on a budget is to do as much of the work for the part by yourself. You do not have to have fancy buffet catering and expensive equipment but instead, invite some of your closest friends and cook something for them yourself. Alternatively, you could get lots of junk food and serve it up instead of fancy food. If you love to cook, you can show off your cooking skills.

Even mini buffet catering is likely to cost a lot of money and therefore, another idea would be to order in pizza that you can enjoy with your friends while you watch a nice movie or you have a movie marathon. You do not have to have a traditional party to enjoy yourself and celebrate your birthday.

There is nothing more fun that hanging out with your best friends and the food that you have at the party is not always relevant. Your friends will not expect very expensive things at the party and therefore, you do not have to be under pressure to order fancy food and have fancy decorations. Delicious food does not have to cost big amounts of money and more often than not, everyone’s favorite things are usually the cheapest food around. One of the best examples of this is pizza. There is not one in the world who will not enjoy a good pizza party.