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Tricks To Being A Pro At Barbequing

Being skilled at barbequing is something that will be appreciated by many people including your family and friends. You can easily have a barbeque on a trip or as a part of your birthday party with no hassle once you master the art of handling a barbeque. It’s not that complicated, it just depend on a few elements that can make all the difference.

Heat and Smoke

Having a successful barbeque is greatly dependent on two aspects which are heat and smoke. It is vital to a fuel that will pick burn for a long time but at the same time burn at a low and consistent temperature. This is essential to make tough cuts turn into tender barbeque and charcoal is ideal for that.

Charcoal is a fuel that burns steadily and cleanly giving a longer time to cook your food. You will be able to find it in two forms: the lump charcoal and charcoal briquettes. You can pick either depending on your preferences. Lump charcoal is free of additives but is irregular and would be challenging to burn. Whereas charcoal briquettes and combined with other elements and are uniform in shape and are therefore easy to cook. You should try your best not to buy briquettes that are infused with lighter fluid as it would give a chemical flavor to the food.

In order to get that smoky flavor in your barbequed food it is essential that you include wood chunks to the coals. There are different types of wood available and it is best to select woods that take time to burn and give off an aromatic smoke.

A Variety of Food

You should barbeque a variety of food to keep things interesting. Without just sticking to the usual beef steaks and pork you can use Bak Kwa which is a Chinese dried meat product and will become an instant favourite among your guests for its unusual flavour.

In addition, to cooking meat such as Bak Kwa in Singapore, beef, and chicken, you should also include sea food and barbeque some prawns and cuttlefish. You can fix them on skewers along with other accompaniments such as pineapple.

Furthermore, just because the word ‘barbeque’ tends to mean smoky and tender meat, you should not forget to include vegetables and some carbohydrates. Having a balanced meal for your guests is just as important as the fuel you use and the types of meat you cook. You should include some toasted flat bread for your guests to enjoy with their deliciously cooked meats.