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What To Do When You’ve Had Enough Of Limp And Dull Hair?

We are part way into that future that we always talk about. Though flying cars are yet to be common on the streets, other “futuristic” inventions have definitely found their way into our lives. Gender blending is a “thing” now-a-days and worrying about your tresses is now an issue common to both sexes. That being said, here’s what you can do when you feel you’ve had enough of your dull and limp hair.

 Take a good look at the products you

Using the right cleaning and haircare products in Singapore is very important. Knowing your hair type can be as important. If you have oily hair, then a product that only promotes that oiliness and limpness, and is of no use as it will only make your hair appear limp and lifeless. Likewise, if you have very frizzy hair, don’t bother using the ordinary shampoos and conditioners that will dry out your hair; again resulting in your hair looking brittle and dull.

 Treat with respect

Your hair is very much part of your body; and it needs to be treated with care as well. Stop or at the very least, reduce how often you use any heating products on your head. If it’s the ends of the hair that shows signs to being burnt, it’s possible that you are ironing or curling tad too much. Make sure to protect your strands using heat protectors. Use quality combs made out of wood or cow horns rather than the harsh plastic ones. Don’t’ allow your tresses to toss itself in the air and the dust. Don’t keep it tightly tied up either; for that could be a reason for limp hair as well.

 Indulge in a little luxury

Treat your hair to an occasional indulgence once in a while. Do so in those particular days when you’ve been out there in the dust and the wind all day. Use the best haircare products available to you and shower and get rid of anything damaging that may have found its way to your hair. Give yourself a scalp massage (preferably with your head tilted upside down) and make a day out of using hair masks.

 Eat foods that promote healthier scalp 

In order to get your hair to look shiny and alive, it’s important that you eat (and drink) plenty of Proteins and a whole army of vitamins, including omega 3. While you can always get the supplements, it’s always a better option to get it the natural way; through the food you consume. Do a research on foods that are best for care. For all types of hair. Remember to keep it and body hydrated as well!